6. Choose Shipping Company

One of the most repeated questions in our community is which is the best shipping company from the USA to India and how do you go about choosing one. This thread might help you.

Things to keep in mind before choosing a shipping company from the USA to India.

  1. Figure out what all things you got to bring with you to India. Certain electronic items etc are not worth it, because they are either available in India or the US version may run into issues.
  2. Calculate how many boxes will you need in total. That’s the first thing the shipping agency will ask you.
  3. Figure out if you need to book a full container or a part of it (full containers might end up cheaper).
  4. By air is expensive, by ship is cheaper.
  5. When your shipment arrives in India, it might need additional verification by customs (in certain cases) in which case, you’d either directly go visit the customs office and get it cleared OR send your passport to the shipping agent who will clear it on your behalf.
  6. If you have new electronic items etc in your shipment, it might attract customs duties of up to 33%.

What else can you think of? Please share in the comments below.

Here are the most popular US to India shipping companies.

  • Unirelo
  • SFL Worldwide
  • Gandhi Shipping
  • Universal Relocations
  • SDC International
  • Earth Relocation

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