Accessing US bank funds from India

Hi everyone

I am planning to move back to India (possibly Hyderabad) area after living in the US for ~18 years. I am looking for accommodation (2 or 3 BHK) for rent. Could anyone suggest a good location with schools for small children (KG)?

Another question, as I understand I would need to change my NRE and NRO accounts to savings accounts. Would I still be able to transfer my US funds into them? If not, is there any other way to access my US funds (apart from wire transfers)?

Are there any american banks that would have international branches if I need to access my funds?

That’s it for now… I am sure I will have more questions, but thanks a lot in advance for your help!


There are good schools all around the city. Unlike in the US, you don’t need to live very close to the school or within a school zone. Schools provide transportation to pick up and drop the kids. Decide on the curriculum (CBSE, IB etc) you prefer for your kids, you can then filter the schools. West Hyderabad (ex: Gachibowli, Nanakramguda, Kokapet)is developing rapidly and there are some good schools along/close to the outer ring road.

You may have to convert your NRE/NRO accounts to local savings accounts, but you can continue to transfer funds using ICICI Money2India, Remitly, Wise, XE etc. They’ll typically charge a transfer fee up to a rupee per dollar. It could take up to a week to receive the funds into your local account.

Hope that helps.