An Indian phone number to give recruiters

I am moving in a couple of months (everything is finalized). And am sharing my resume to a couple of people. I have been advised by then to indicate my location as India and have an Indian phone number in order to be taken seriously.

How do I get an Indian number ASAP?
Looks like Indian virtual phone numbers are not accessible and I wanted a number ASAP.
Anyone with similar experience- any tips are welcome! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the group and all the best with your move.

I’m not endorsing this (haven’t tried) but this looks like the right product for you.

Thank you so much Karthik!
They have 3.2 stars on Google reviews also they cost $280+ /month so hoping to look at other options. :crossed_fingers:

I have not used but wondering can we not get Indian number from Google voice?

I didn’t explore that because no one suggested it. I am guessing it can be set up only with US numbers. I explored the virtual number option but its not accessible at 270$ plus/month and getting an e-sim was too much effort.
So I found the best option-my friend here has an Indian number that’s alive. So IF and as and when I need the number I will just borrow it. Easiest and best option was right around me :joy:

Hi All,

I did go thru similar research and I failed to find any except for commercial options. I think it is what it is. I admitted to myself that there is no market in first place for this kind of requirement.

The only option left is getting a registered SIM with the help of family and friends, if and when someone is flying to USA soon. Prepaid with roaming should be more than enough to take the incoming calls.

Also remember, SIM cards cannot be sent over courier.


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