Any tips on doing tech consulting job in US, while staying in India?

For someone on Green card…

How to manage this with the employer?
Do employers allow to do this?
Any tips?
Can one get paid in the US?
What would be the tax implication in US and India? Where would taxes need to be paid US, India or both?
Has anyone tried this?

How do you plan on staying in GC beyond the 6mo period outside US ? (my facts on this might be outdated)

normally employers will not allow this beyond a certain period (generally 6mos max) - legally.
I had a similar question with my HR - Per my discussion, the companies have laws to pay where services are rendered. If India, they have a Indian establishment and bank account to pay for services rendered there. Otherwise, If company is audited, they will be in trouble.

You;d have to declare income generated in India for India taxation. If you are filing US R/NR return for that tax year - consult with a tax professional.