Anyone on this forum who could found a job *after* moving back to India?

Someone who did not have the benefit of internal transfer? How long did it take and what do you think were the expectations of hiring managers in India? I may not have the internal transfer option (no counterpart team in India) and hence may have to find a job after landing back and am concerned about how long it might take and what kind of opportunities I get. I wish I had the luxury to say I have enough saved and don’t need to work for money in India but unfortunately, that’s not the case either. Neither do I have a green card that I can come back and try here again. I’ll still move back but will at least be mentally prepared and investigate backup plans.

I’m a python test/ automation engineer, btw.

I’m not from a coding background but I got offers after reaching out to few folks from the industry. Didn’t go the typical job-hunt route per say but got inbound offers, one of which I picked up.
What I hear from other folks who managed to get jobs is that networking works best.

Thanks for your response, Mani! Based on talking to people I’ve figured that employers may have concerns about any gap (which I will have, at least for a couple of months, if I quit my job here in the US and return). Additionally, I’m not sure what other expectations employers may have from someone who’s worked in the US for over a decade. I’m from a software test engineer background and am looking for such opportunities in product-based companies - both startups and established ones. It would be great if I can get a sense of what their expectations would be from someone by background so that I may address any gaps therein.

As far as salary expectations go, it only makes sense for you to be prepared for a cut. Usually 30% down. That’s the biggest change. A gap of a few months shouldn’t be a problem IMO.
Just a tip - Find out if there are networking events in your industry and be regular at them. Like tech Tuesdays and casual enthusiast meetups in Bangalore. Those are good places to connect with similar folks in the industry and a good starting point.

That makes sense… thanks for your response, Mani!