Approaching Indian Job Market

Hi , I am Aditya Konidena planning to move back to India mid -2023 , I am wondering what is the best way to approach Indian job market . I am looking for roles in hyderabad and as well as remote roles

The best way to approach is networking. Connect with professionals in your domain and get a sense of the job market. Approaching “head hunters” is good but never a guarantee. From other success stores, I’ve realized that networking works best. There is so much demand in India but recruiters and head hunters don’t really have a template on how to deal with NRIs. It’s best if you take things in your hand at least to get the hang of things initially.

Hi Aditya, what’s your domain? I’m in a similar boat and am speaking with folks who have moved and found a job (everyone who moved eventually found one) to get a sense. I anticipate challenges regardless.

Please do share any valuable contacts or links you may discover in your journey to help others in their job hunt. Thanks again