Bringing electric hoverboard from US to India

We have a electric hoverboard (Hover-1 Blast Hoverboard, Black, 160 Lbs., Max Weight, 7 Mph Max Speed, LED Lights -, bought form USA.

does it work in India ( Can we charge directly in India or need transformer)?


In case you don’t find an exact answer the Best idea would be to order it and check the adaptor that comes with it and see what it supports, if its 110-250v it should work. If not you will have to get a transformer or return it

I don’t think you can bring electric hover board to India. Please check airline policy regarding hover board.

@Arpit so are you going to carry hoverbard? If yes how ? Via shipping or with you. Would like to know more. We too have hoverboard.

We could not bring hoverboard as neither airlines nor shipping companies allowed it ( via box shipping)

Ohh okay. Thanks for I me know this.