Carrying Gold to India

How much Gold can we carry with us, when we fly to India?
Is there a distinction between carrying gold jewelry vs carry gold bar?


Hi Arpit,

Carrying gold with you (that too in unusual amounts) at airports is generally a bad idea.

As per the latest customs regulations a male passenger can carry gold jewellery up to an aggregate value of Rs.50,000 and it is Rs.1,00,000 for the female passenger. It means there is no customs duty if the total value of jewellery carried is within the above limitations.

Gold bars/coins etc are usually not allowed, or detected and taxed heavily at the port of entry.

Ornaments are ok as long as they are within the allowed limits.

Bottom line is, it would be unnecessary trouble.

If you have gold jewellery lying around, you might want to consider switching it to another form (like bonds or even money transferred to your NRE account) so that it is safe.

Carrying cash, gold etc in excess is usually frowned upon for obvious reasons.

Two cents.

Do not carry gold bars please. Heard from a friend that they had to go through severe checks, show source/documents etc at the airport.

I’ll keep it simple since the other two responses have good information.

Carrying gold bars, or even jewelry which looks far from jewelry but more of pure gold - is considered as gold import and you will be charged full customs on it. You will probably be looking at some questions to answer too. Gold is the most discouraged item coming from air passengers.

However, I sincerely believe customs officers are extremely accommodating if you are genuinely carrying you OWN “jewelry”. As long as you are 100% comfortable and confident that it’s your own jewelry and be able to show receipts or some kind of proof - you will be totally okay. My wife and I have travelled multiple times to and fro USA and India. Each time, there was some wedding to attend and we carried all the gold along each time. We never faced a single issue other than being asked if that was all ours (that too not all the times).

Gold Coins / Bars carrying is heavily taxed.
If you have ornamental gold and if you can prove it was purchased in India previously by providing receipts or photographs of a wedding or something is allowed.
If you have gold coins, better to sell off and transfer the cash.

Do you know what kind of documents are accepted? Purchase receipts and what else (if not available)?

I have all my wedding gold jewellery in US…I got everything here as I had no place to keep it in india… now going back to india qill they cause me trouble for it at cutsoms?? It used old jewellery… nothing brand new… please clarify

Personal jewellery should be fine as long as it’s within the limits and proof of purchase available if asked. (Please see above)

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Hi @Gems7882, please check my comment above for first hand experience.

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