Community Residential Venture for R2I folks

Hello All,

Given the exorbitant costs of real estate, Do you think it might make sense to collectively get a good bargain on a large land for plot to be bought among us? could help keep like minded people closer and als0 might get cheaper options.

Typically in India, when you have a land and give it for development, we get 40% property share, if we work backwards from there it may work out.

Also full disclaimer : I do not have any vested interest in this nor do I have any capability to run such large initiatives. I heard a lot of such small projects taking off so why not shout out.

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Sounds like a good idea. If enough people pool in, quite a possibility. :+1:

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Sounds good. I’m in for it. I think we need to come up with a plan to make this happen.

Which are the good areas in HYD that are good candidates?

I like the idea. Unfortunately margins in bigger city is minimal… would like to explore smaller cities!!

I hear some super mega projects are coming up on the outskirts, i.e the Vizag route.

Yes, I would say Sreesailam route, or Mokila etc would be a good bet. I am hearing Mokila area is growing as a Villa Community and it might be a better place to check. I heard there is as small as a 20 house community too…

There are quite a lot of development and premium gated plot/ communities coming up on Hyderabad-Vijayawada route also. Government is investing in infrastructure and promoting these upcoming areas so that the city develops uniformly.

New IT parks, Hotels, Resorts and townships are planned around this area to promote development. Investing in and around these kind of upcoming locations, within the city periphery, will definitely give investors higher value within 1-2 years.