Estimate for shipping cost to India

Can anyone provide an estimate of what the expected moving shipping cost would be? We are expecting somewhere in the range of 500 to 600 cubic feet maximum, so it will not be a full container load. The items would be household stuff with nothing too delicate in them. Any personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Most shippers will ship a minimum of 8 boxes and no less OR the minimum charge will be for 8 boxes of size 24x18x18. The charges varies as per the moving season though may range between $50-70 per box + charges to be paid at the Indian customs around Rs 20k-40k and any other additional based on what customs may put duty on. They offer variety of insurances for additional charges though, fine prints will reveal them to be all useless if a situation of claim arises! Most require payment through debit card and not credit card. Shipping experience varies despite of the promises they make on their websites or over phone to you. As most insurances do not offer per item coverage, they aren’t as careful. Also, if they do offer per item coverage under various categories then also minimum deductible is often high enough to justify exorbitant insurance cost. Best would be to ship items that are durable for withstanding rough handling. I personally think that shipping a TV is a waste of time, money and health, the TV costs almost same after paying for its actual cost abroad, shipping and handling, insurance, Indian customs. Plus you void all the guaranty/warranty coverages as soon as the device leave the nation of purchase boundary by road/sea/air! After paying so much if it is received with something damaged then it will be hard to throw it away and buy another one!

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We had about 200cu.ft. we had a mixed lot of the standard sized 24x18x18 boxes and others. What came through with our conversations with them…the more the boxes the more the bargain and deal you get in terms of the shared LCL. Packing materials in case you decide to DIY, the cost of boxes added and the moving cost, the wooden tv crating if you chose…we did, summed up to a ballpark figure of 2300$ plus India customs to add depending on the stuff you are moving. Hope that helps.

Hi Shivalee - Thanks a lot for your input. May I know which moving company you went with and if you have any suggestions on the same? I assume all your items including TV were delivered without any damages/issues.

Hi Akash - Thanks a lot for your detailed opinion, appreciate it a lot. I would like to ask you the same question I asked Shivalee in this thread. Do you mind providing your inputs about which moving company is good overall?

@kbhargav We used Universal Relocations. The move was hassle free for us thankfully. We packed our stuff ourselves, we did make sure nothing in the box moves at all so we packed accordingly and we tried packing everything in smaller boxes , then fitting them in the standard sized ones so that the inside move of objects is minimal. For the tV we had our original box as well but we did take the wooden crating along just in case. Also we did not find any use of the insurance offered is it’s PBO (packed by owner) so we did risk and skip it. We received everything intact in the boxes though most of them were opened by the customs to scan, they were taped back and no damage internal or external even to the boxes. Hope it helps.

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@ShivaleeS Great to hear about your experience and the packing tips. Much appreciate your help. Thank you.

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How many boxes did you ship? Which shipping company did you use?

Thanks @ShivaleeS for the details. Was your TV purchased after July 2020… heard from unirelo that TVs bought after July 2020 cannot be shipped…is it true?

@Gems7882 we had purchased ours in 2017. I am not sure about UniRelo guidelines, but Universal Relocations never mentioned anything to us for the year of tv purchase, it was only for Customs duty charges that they asked us the purchase year.