Experience after the move back to India

Hi all, we have recently returned to Pune from Michigan. How is your experience with the move? Some pointers we needed help and still need

  • residential choices / renovating your existence house
  • what vehicle to buy/ what broadband to buy
    -connecting with other returnees, get some friends or people to connect with
    -travelling / vacations
    What are your inputs and your Issues ?
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This would be really good. Pls share.

We are still figuring out dealers or vendors or interior people who would do our renovation work… for the car as well we are waiting for the test drive dates. We want to invest in a good 7seater SUV, keeping in mind our love for road trips and comfort for the parents to be in it. Airtel Xtreme Fiber broadband worked for us and the Airtel family plan for Simcards. Our stuff has arrived via the shipping agency and now we are literally living in the box till our house doesn’t get renovated. :grimacing:

I’m struggling to get an Aadhar card. I can’t yet apply as a resident because I’ve only been in India for 50 days and I can no longer apply as an NRI because well I’m no longer an NRI as per FEMA.
If someone has solved this quandary I’d love to hear from them.

Good luck with the renovation work @ShivaleeS It’s going to be “fun” for the next few months. One tip I’d give is, expect a lot of delays. I started my renovation work with a 3 month deadline and it extended to 6, without even modifying the initial plan lol.

Unlike in the US, construction work takes a lot of time. Issues such as workers not being available, delays in item procurement etc will pop up.

What I realized is that if you go with big, experienced teams, most of this can be mitigated. As they usually have backups and inhouse teams, reducing dependencies.

You might get a super cheap 1/4th quote from independent contractors or small teams, but the trade off is in quality/professionalism.

Two cents.

Hey Mayank,

Your NRI status doesn’t change until 182 days, isn’t it?

Aadhaar doesn’t tie to your status, I was told. Even foreigners living in India for long can get Aadhaar card if local residence address proof is given with OCI details. It’s just a form of ID.

I’d recommend you give a local address proof (like old ration card, or telephone bill if passport has overseas address) and apply for it with the NRI option checked at the top.

Here’s the process.

Thank you Mani, I would surely keep that in mind. With the festive season around I am sure there are going to be extended worktimes…so i am not even sure for the start date timelines. But hopefully things get working. It’s a surely a slow transition in the pandemic times.

A good way to get home renovation/construction at least the interior part is through homelane and livspace, both are good options, specially in terms of professionalism and support


Do you know how the Livspace experience is?

My sister did her entire home with livspace, she had a whole back and forth going on with the interior designer which took longer. Rest of the project went fine considering everything was stopped by the first lockdown (this was in march 2020) despite that when they started work they were able to deliver within 1-2 week of the revised date.

For homelane, a colleague of mine did his home renovation he was fairly happy with what he got but scope was limited to kids room and kitchen


Hi Mayank,
I was at the adhaar centre yesterday to update my address and I asked for your query. I was told you can apply for an adhaar card irrespective of your status if you any of these documents - POA (proof of address) POI ( proof of identity) POB (proof of date of birth) and the NRI status doesn’t matter as long as you have these documents. Did you try at the Adhaar Center in person… Hope it helps and good luck.


Thank you Shreay, I did speak to Homelane and Livspace both. Homelane denied taking up any new work except full end to end interiors which also had a starting from 8lac condition, due to the pandemic as per the customer agent. Livespace is yet to revert back. Waiting !!

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That was so nice of you to check personally @ShivaleeS . :pray: :blush:

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There are two separate flows for resident vs non-resident enrollment. At the bottom of the resident form it asks you to certify that you’ve been in India for 182+ days which I can’t yet certify.
Getting it through the non-resident flow may be feasible but then again, per FEMA I’m no longer a non-resident.
I even called 1947 (toll free aadhaar helpline) and they basically told me I just couldn’t get an Aadhar which I don’t believe. I think this case has slipped through the cracks for UIDAI…

@r2ir2i hope the isssue gets sorted.

The ‘solution’ was to first get a new passport issued in India. This took 36 hours from the time I went to the passport sewa Kendra including police verification. Getting an Aadhar was trivial after that.