Gifts for relatives

Hello, what gift items do you buy for relatives… mostly for uncle ,aunt n your cousin’s? Shall we gift to senior members like chacha Chachi n all or to our generation? Do you think if we should carry from here or just buy in India to gift when we meet up for the first time after RTI. I am confused since both me and my hubby have very big family.

Bringing it from US is always great.
But this is what I have experienced. Certain items that we consider premium in US have not much value in India. For example, I bought some Calvin Klein / MK handbags from US for our aunts, some kitchen knife sets, photo frames etc, bought Fossil smart watch for my uncles. But they were definitely not impressed. Though these cost 50-100 dollars each, importance was not the same for them.

One of our cousin asked us to bring some sauces, pans, some bakery items etc. So, please directly check with them if they need anything and buy that. My personal experience. Hope this helps.

Thank you so much for your response. This is really helpful. Things you mentioned are the same which I was planning to buy with a thought that they r branded and premium. I will definitely consider your suggestion. Thank you again!

Happy that it helped. Interestingly, the ikea plastic cover holder which is $2 kitchen item was the preferred one than the MK handbag.

Haha…so looks like for people not aware of brands no point in shopping expensive things…better to go for smaller day to day things …

I curated a list sometime ago that you might find useful. Here goes!

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Thank you so much for sharing this :blush: