Has any one used Costco 27 Gallon Heavy duty boxes for shipping

Hello, has anyone used the Costco 27 Gallon Heavy duty boxes for shipping instead of the moving boxes? Most probably I will be using half-a container for shipping. Trying to decide what is the best way to pack in preparation for shipping.

I have not used the costco boxes. Most of the shipping agencies support only the standard size of 18"x18"x24" which is hard to find these days. Office depot used to sell these, but they are not available now. Even if they have, they have openings on the side which will help in lifting the boxes easily. However, we do not prefer boxes with openings on the side.

We ended up purchasing the heavy duty boxes of 18"x18"x24" without openings on the side from Lowes. They are very durable and strong enough to hold 50lbs.

Here is the URL https://www.lowes.com/pd/24-in-W-x-18-in-H-x-18-in-D-Moving-Box-Classic-Large-Heavy-Duty-Cardboard-Moving-Boxes/50098526. But these are with the handle holes. Visit the store and try to get without the handle holes.


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When I migrated from the USA, Universal Relocations said they will accept (heavy duty) boxes from only Lowes.

Haven’t heard of anyone using these, the shiping companies recommend the standard heavy duty boxes. They are sized at 18x18x24, from what I understood while talking to 3 shipping company representatives was that since they stack up the boxes to fill up the pallets, they recommend Lowe’s, time tested. They mentioned some had issues with the HomeDepot boxes getting damaged In the transit. We had a few different sized boxes and we ordered from U-Haul, Staples, but the quality and sturdiness Lowe’s boxes had, was missing from the other ones.