How much should I save before returning to India?

Hi All,

How much money do you think I should save, before moving to India?

What are your recommendations?

This depends on each person I think.

A lot of things would go into it, like when are you retiring, income sources, lifestyle choices, location, family size, etc.

If you have some kind of passive income, then perhaps a $100 - 200K might be a decent number to look at. So you can invest it into multiple channels, keep some funds for running costs and chill out doing what you like.

But it’s easier said than done. I’m assuming a lot here drawing medians unfairly, just to give you a number. :grinning:

Agree with Mani, this is such a subjective thing that any generic answer is meaningless. I read an answer on Quora and the author argued that even $3M wasn’t enough because they could no longer buy a villa in some super exclusive community where movie stars live. YMMV :slight_smile:

Haha true that Mayank.

When I returned to Kochi, I bought a luxury apartment, kind of a hot shot premium property and it costed me around 4Cr. In Mumbai, such a property would be somewhere around 8 - 10 Cr. Hyd…perhaps 6 - 8 Cr.

At the same time, there are economical options too under 1 Cr.

So, I guess it’s all about choices.

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Thank you for the insights. Perhaps a 200K is something to keep as a target.