How to keep a US phone number active in India?

When we move back to India, would like to keep a US phone number active. Does anyone have an idea how we can keep a phone active?

You can port your number from current carrier to Google Voice and access it from India over internet. Hope this helps!

Thank you Shruti. Yes i am able to keep the existing number and use either voip or wifi calling feature make calls and receive text. There are some pay as you go plans available that does not cost a lot. Please let me know if anyone wants more information.

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Does Google voice allow you to do text messages?

Yes it does but i have not explored a lot on google voice. I tried wifi calling. One can receive calls and text messages even when there is no network in the area as long as there is wifi. I found this more convenient than google voice.

If your provider supports wifi calling thats a great alternative to continue use your existing number and be able to receive text messages and calls.

Can you share the pay as you go plans?

Sorry for the delay in my response.
I use tello mobile. You can explore the plans.
If you want to buy you can use the referral link, they give a 10$ balance to your account.

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This post is a complete guide on the different options to keep US number active in India, along with hacks if things go wrong - they definitely did with me.

Hopefully the group finds this to be helpful.

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