Introduce yourself please: Location, Date of Moving etc

Hi Everyone, I’m Rahul. Currently in Bay Area. I’m planning to move back to India, sometime in next year. Waiting for my GC to arrive.

Welcome to the group Rahul. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the group Rahul. I assume you know the intricacies of moving back with India after getting GC, correct? You need to apply for re-entry permit and only after the biometrics with USCIS, you can move to India.

I am Santhosh and I live in California with my family. I am planning to leave USA by next year August.

Welcome to the community Santhosh. Which city are you planning to move to?

Hi Manikarthik, I am planning to settle in Bangalore.

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I am Krishnasamy, lived in USA for 8 years at Phoenix and Denver cities. Moved to Erode few months back.

Nice to have you here Krishna, how has your experience been so far?

Welcome to the group Santhosh.

Hi my name is Shreyas Pai.

I’m currently living in Finland (on a 2 year work contract), and planning to return to India after 3-4 years depending on how things proceed. Preference is in Mumbai.

Before this I lived in the US (Iowa) for 5 years :slight_smile:

Oh, cool Shreyas. You’ve been accumulating a lot of experience being an NRI. Welcome to the group. Hope you’ll make use of it. :slight_smile:

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I sm Shreya. I am living in USA for more than 7 years. I am New York based, software engineer. I am planning to move back to Delhi in 1-2 years.

Thank you so much for inviting me to join this group.

Welcome to the community Shreya. We always have a west coast v/s east coast debate here. :smiley: Nice to have you around. Hope you’ll find the community useful.

Hello Mani and everyone!

I am Bhavik, have been in US for past 8.5 years. Due to unexpected family circumstances, we have decided to move back to India (Mumbai) possibly early next year. My wife has been working as a Montessori School teacher and I work in Microsoft, and we are trying to find remote opportunities to work out of Mumbai.


Hi Bhavik,

Welcome to the group. We do have quite a few members in our group. They’ll be moving to the community soon. Hope you find it useful.

Hi All,

I am Ramesh, lived in UK for over 7 years, returned to India recently, currently in Kurnool in A.P. will be moving to Bangalore.

Hi Mani :slight_smile: Having a Deja Vu… 2 years ago, we started with similar interface :slight_smile:

Hi All,
This is Keval… Moved to India 2 years from Chicago… Living in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Good luck to everyone who’s planning a move!

This is charuhas. I am in in US since 2002, currently in California. Planning to move in Jan of 2022 to Pune .
Looking for a job in Supply Chain and Logistics.
Thank you.

Hi, This is Gaithri. I moved from SF to Coimbatore 2 years back to do philanthropic work. It’s been very fulfilling. I didn’t move my stuff as I wanted to test the waters and now ready. I’ll shortly go to SF to wind up.

Look forward to suggestions on what you carried back with you.


Welcome back Keval. :slight_smile: Yes, this time 10K members stronger though. :muscle: Looking forward to your inputs and contributions here.

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