Investment banker/options in India

Hello everyone. I am planning to move end of next year and planning to gradually move funds to India now. Has anyone tried any investment banker for best return on our investments, or have personal opinions about it? Please let me know. I have already filled my bucket a little bit on real estate, mutual funds and shares. Would love to hear the other investment choices. Thanks in advance to taking the time to read this post.

Good luck rameshhcl! For investments in India, Parag parikh flexi cap mutual fund looks to be the best and consistent - covers india and US stocks. You can also try PMS. BTW, their stock picks looks to be good and no heavy churn in portfolio.

BTW, I live in US and have plans to r2i. Can you tell me which is the best way to move large funds from US to India? Every remittance service has a cap like max 50k for 6 months etc. Thanks!