Kids Homeschooling in India

Hi All,
I am currently living in Texas state of USA and would be moving to Maharashtra state of India next year. My daughter who is 8 yo goes to public school here. I know there are typically 3-4 category of boards of schools in India with different syllabus and curriculum but I am also considering homeschooling an option which could be again affiliated with common boards.
Does anyone have any experience with homeschooling in India? And what are the challenges with it? Any knowledge, information or experience related to homeschooling will help to finalizing the decision.

I know of someone who’s doing homeshooling for their kids. It’s getting more and more popular in India now. Esp, with everyone switching to online mode during pandemic, it’s not a big deal as it used to be earlier. Not aware of any challenges. Not sure if there are any for higher studies. Will check and let you know.

Thanks Mani. Looking forward for more details or groups regarding Homeschooling.