Kids who studied in languages other than English (French, German,Spanish,etc)

I want to know if there are folks, who returned with kids who did their schooling in other languages. My kids are in French medium schools.
If yes, how has been the transition to schools in India ?
What kind of preparations were taken to coach the kids before coming to India and after coming to India ?
Is international schools, the only option in this case ?
Please let me know.

  1. You may inquire with the country consulate/ embassy about schools in India (if lucky in your town) that offer schooling option in their languages.
  2. Search for Indo-French or Indo-German language council/ forum/ foundation and seek their assistance.
  3. Most schools do not offer European languages as often one of the Indian language based on state you are in becomes the second/first language in addition to English.
  4. International schools offer foreign languages as a language and not as instruction for all subjects in any foreign language (this is about the mega or metro cities).
  5. To prepare your kids for learning in English/ Hindi or Provincial language, best preparation would begin at home to get them acquainted with spoken language so that they are functional and can communicate in the local language. The more intensive preparation would be to teach them to read and write language alphabets, words, sentence structure, grammar, etc. All Indian languages are relatively easy to learn though, learning anyone restricts one to a particular state for schooling needs. To be more versatile, it would help with starting to speak, read, and write in English as that allows parents to work anywhere in India while kids can be schooled in english medium.
  6. It would also help to join few of the Indo-french or Indo-german social media groups that allows you to explore how those parents are schooling their kids outside of their native country, e.g., germany or france or any other european country while working in India.
  7. Young kids are very quick learners thus, within no time they will be able to gain fluency even if you haven’t gotten time to teach/prepare them at home while in Europe. Most important thing is that when they feel nervous about it, you take time to encourage them and work with them on translating them into language of comfort and then back to language of learning and expressing.