Limit of Carrying electronics/gadgets: Moving back to India in December 2021

We are moving back to India last week of December 2021.
We are 2 adults + 2 kids ( 8 yr and 4 yr - Full airline tickets).
We have many gadgets/electronics with us.
I believe, for laptops, the limit is 2 laptops/person. Is it true for kids with full tickets as well?

We have bunch of electronics like couple Apple watches, couple ipads, Oculus etc…
We also have 4-5 laptops with us.
Some of them are for friends/cousins for gift and the rest are for personal use.

How much should we carry for electronics/gadgets, in order to avoid any custom issues?


Anything other than personal use items should be declared at customs and duty paid for.
I don’t think there is a thumbrule on X number of gadgets to carry but anything that you personally think would raise eyebrows is better if avoided. We’ve seen many returnees bring their old laptops, watches and VR devices that were for personal use (not new ones in packs). But if you have a couple of them for friends and family, then they should be declared.

Two cents.


As far as they are for personal use you can each carry one… but if it’s packed or boxed you would have to declare it. We were 2 pax and we had 2 laptops, 2 ipads, 5 phones and a bose speaker set with us. Everything was opened, you can carry the boxing or packing material seperately with some other things stuffed in it, only if you have to carry. Usually the scanning luggage guys mark your suitcases if they see a lot of electronics inside. Just be on a watch for that.