Looking for moderators and core supporter group

Hi All,

I want to grow this community and make it useful to returnees as much as possible. It can’t happen without your support and well wishes.

Currently, the group is in private invite mode only. But it’s about to blow up once we open it up.

If you believe in making the #reversebraindrain trend happen, I need your help.

I’m looking for folks who can hang around in the community once a while, keep tab of things, add value by providing help and advice, help me organize topics and keep it clean and without clutter of all sorts.

If this is you, please reply to this thread and I shall invite you over for a private group invite.

Thanks much. :pray:

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I’ll be happy to share information about Life in Hyderabad, Automobiles, and Real-Estate.

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Yes, Mani. I can be part of this great initiative. I am n our FB page, WhatsApp group over the last 1 year and gathered a lot of info related to R2I.

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Thank you @bkarthik83 and @sparepally. Adding you! :slight_smile: Please ping me on WA as well. Much appreciated. :pray:

Hi there.

Happy to help and to share my knowledge. My user id in telegram was kittu.

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Hey mani I was looking to join the WA group… especially the one related to bengaluru… can you guide me how ai can join it…??



I can try to help you in that regard

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Hi @ManiKarthik - happy to help you.

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Thank you all. Adding you to the group. :slight_smile:

Hi Mani! I have been doing a bunch of research around my move and finding jobs etc. Happy to contribute as needed.

Thank you. please do share your learnings here so others can use it for their move. Appreciate it.

Will be happy to help out as well

Thanks. Added you to group.

I have a long history of moderating and building online communities. This is my current biggest project: The-Great-Work.org/community
I’d be happy to be involved!

Thank you Karan. Sure thing! Appreciate the efforts.