Making lists for returning to India

Hello Group members. I will be returning to India with family by April 2023. Just recently made the decision. Based on reading of posts in this group and on the internet, most folks advise against taking electronics and furniture back to India. I wanted to know from group members who returned on stuff that you took to India. In my case, my wife and I own a home that we currently live in. So along with selling of the home we have a lot to plan. So wanted to know if there was a similar case with any group members. Would love to get your inputs on how you manage to sell your house and what items you took back to India, which shipping companies you worked. How did you manage to sell stuff that you did not take to India.


So many questions here. Let me share my bit.

  • Not a good idea to take electronics to India. Reasons plenty. After sales service not available. Customs duties. Better options in India etc.
  • Unirelo is a company lot of folks are recommending.
  • To sell stuff, you can use these apps. 10 Best Apps To Sell Off Your Stuff In USA (2023 Update)

Hope that helps.

Also, this might help.

Hows your move gone? I was exploring option and came across this. if you dont mind where you moved.