Need consultation from a tax professional

Hello All, My name is Sunil, originally from Bangalore, now based in SF Bay area. We are moving to India in few months and I plan to continue running my business from India. By some online references, I am aware I can run the business without hurdles in India, but I am not well aware of how taxation works between US and India. I am looking for a tax expert who deeply understands the tax system in both countries and can help me with my situation. Please reply to this post if you know someone.

Hi @sunilupadhya we have some professionals listed in the WhatsApp groups. have you already contacted them?

Thanks, @ManiKarthik - I will take a look at them

This link is not working??

@ManiKarthik This link is still not working. Does any one have suggestions for tax professionals?

hi all, any suggestions for tax professionals experienced with us and india taxation. preferably ones that operate from hyderabad

Following to find a tax professional in Bangalore who does both Us and India taxes

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Link doesn’t seem to work.

Hi, pls any reference to tax consultants ? for NRI taxes ?