Need to make a move decision from USA to India in a few days...please help

Need some timely feedback. We need to make decision to move from USA to Bangalore, need some help in making the decision. Have 2 boys - 6th Grader and Kindergartener, plan to move for 3 years and return back to USA

  1. How is school transition from USA to India - Are IB Schools better or ICSE/CBSE? If the plan is to return back to USA in 3 years - If so which school is better near Bellandur area
  2. How easy is to socially connect with people in Bellandur area for spouse and kids, not knowing Kannada is that an issue?
  3. Is Bellandur good area to live
  4. I hear the Traffic is bad, how bad is it, does it allow us to go around when needed?
  5. How easy is the transition to India and back to USA for the family
  6. what are the best companies who pays well in IT the near Bellandur area

If someone did the move recently would love to talk, please DM me, thank you so much for the info.