NRIs Application for Aadhaar card after returning to India

Many NRIs returning to India have this doubt about how to apply for Aadhaar, when and where to etc. In this thread, we shall break down the Aadhar application process.

Steps to apply for Aadhar card - for returning NRIs

  1. Visit any Aadhaar Kendra that is convenient for you. (Akshaya kendras etc)
  2. Maintain a valid Indian passport at all times. (At least 6 months validity ahead)
  3. Complete the enrolment form with accurate information. (Sample form)
  4. Provide an email address.
  5. The declaration for enrolment as a non-resident alien is slightly different. Check the box at top where it says you are a Non Resident Indian. (See sample form)
    Read and sign the corresponding section on your enrolment form.
  6. Inquire with the operator about enrolling you as an NRI.
  7. Present your passport as an identification document.
  8. You may use your passport as proof of address and date of birth, or you may provide another valid document/s in lieu of this as specified here.
  9. Complete the process of biometric capture.
  10. Before allowing the operator to submit, verify all details on the screen (in English and the local language).
  11. Take note of the acknowledgment slip/enrolment slip that contains your 14-digit Enrolment ID and the Date & Time Stamp.
  12. You can check the status of your Aadhaar by visiting this link.
  13. Until you get your Aadhaar, you can use this acknowledgment slip as proof/alternative.

All the best!

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There are some Kendras that process only updates or corrections and do not accept new applications. So it is better to call and enquire before going to that center. Additionally it is important to make sure you get a text confirmation about the enrollment within few hours or at the max a day. If you do not receive one, call and make sure the form reached the center. This can avoid additional processing delays as well as burden of having to reapply

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