Paper towel/ toilet paper recommendations

What are the recommended paper (kitchen) towel and toilet paper products in India? Small issue but I am hoping to find better quality…

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Good question Sunita.

I use Solimo…

and Scott…

The good thing about India is that you’ll find a lot of options (both local and international) in the stores. I tried a few different brands before finding the ideal one.

Individual preferences might differ. :slight_smile:

Which brands are you using in USA? It’s very difficult to find the same quality in India.

Sunita… how this has been doing rounds in my mind, I have been on a trial spree to find one … Charmin ultra soft was my go to TP and Bounty in Kitchen towel… haven’t yet found anything close to it …but the Amazon Solimo is atleast better and absorbing too.

Take a look at this Scott Essential Kitchen Roll Towel on Flipkart

They have been good

Scott’s TP is also good

But they are closer to the Kirkland ones rather than Charmin