Recommended job recruiters in India

I am trying to see if any of the members have used recruiters to help find jobs in India? I have registered myself on this community portal and also checking options on this portal. But i wanted to see if there are any contacts whom I can connect directly.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Are you looking for recruiters in Pune or flexible about where you’re moving to?

Hi Karthik,

My preference is Mumbai/Pune but I am okay with any other metro city (Bangalore/Hyderabad)


Please let me know if you or any members have list of recruiters in India.


What are your background and experience?

SAS certified in Business Intelligence and Data mining with around 9 years of experience in Enterprise Data Warehouse(EDW) management, Business Intelligence (BI) reporting, Analytics Dashboards and Data Modeling

• Experienced client and internal consultant with extensive experience in implementing large scale ERP solutions
• Expertise includes architecting technical infrastructure and implementing technology solutions to support large user groups at multiple client locations (remote & local) and effectively managing IT staff.

Have you signed up on as well?