RTO Road test for US driving license holder?

Will there be RTO road test for US returnees holding valid US driving license or is it exempted?

If yes then can I give the test on my own automatic car or manual only?

Hi @Sujit

For NRIs holding international driving licenses, there is no driving test required.
Please note that international driving license is different and not your US license.
If you have just a regular US driving license, yes you will need to give. the driving test in most Indian states.

@ManiKarthik thanks this definitely helps. Fortunately I also have the IDP issued in USA.

Perfect! You should be good.

Is it manual gear car or auto car for test then?

I have not appeared for test but I was told that it will be manual in my RTO

Thank you for letting me know this.

Also, if you ever had an Indian drivers license which may have expired, it’s pretty easy to get it renewed these days. This may be also be true if you had the old paper type license. Most states have migrated that data into Sarathi or you may be able to enter data through backlog entry.

In Bangalore for e.g., I filed for renewal online and made a single visit to the RTO for Biometrics. My license was delivered in ~45 days.

So where we should apply for renewal …ex: my license expired in 2018 and I am returning to the same state but not sane city where it was issued.can you please share the link where you applied for renewal.


Thank you so much for your help.