Salary for lead application developer

Hello ,
We are moving home (Pune) in the first week of may. Company has started the transfer process. Meanwhile wanted some inputs on salary offered to lead application developer with almost 18 yrs of exp. What is the sal offered in general for this profile in Pune these days. Heard about 3*yrs of exp formula however I think it could be position based. Any inputs will help us to negotiate with the company once we receive the offer. Currently working with product base company but would like to know about both service n product base IT companies. TIA.

3*YOE is generally what I have seen for Pune. Will vary slightly based on company.

If you getting an internal transfer, you can ask for 1/3rd the US salary or atleast USD*21 according to purpose power parity calculation.

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Thank you so much for your input :slightly_smiling_face:!

Can you please explain a bit about usd*21…how this works.

Heard similar number i.e. exp3 to exp4
Planning to move to Pune in same timeframe. I have an option for internal transfer but trying to get at least one offer outside.

Okay.That sounds like a good plan. You might use that offer to negotiate. Wish you all the best for your move.