Single Woman [divorcee] planning to return to India

Hello folks!
My name is Shilpa and I’m planning to return to India, after my Father’s death recently. I have lived in Australia for the last 19 years and am open to move to any major city, doesn’t have to be Bangalore where I originally migrated from. The very thought of this personal project is quite overwhelming, so, I want to first thank @ManiKarthik for this website. The very first question in my mind is : should I look for a job from here and have something lined up before I come OR is it better for a single woman to come, settle down and then look for a job? I know it does come down to personal preferences and feasibility, but I’m keen to hear what opinions are here… Thank you muchly.

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Hi Shilpa. I moved to India (Hyderabad) a couple of years ago, after living in the US for 19 years, for parental reasons. We chose to move first, settle down and help the kids transition, before looking for a job (6+ months). I would highly recommend doing that, if you are able. It is a big move after so many years, and it is better to take your time and not rush it. It might give you the time to reconnect with extended family and friends, and enjoy it instead of regretting the move if life becomes the same here as well.

Although it is a personal preference, I would recommend Bangalore or Hyderabad. Luckily, anywhere in India is only 2 hours away from your hometown, so even Mumbai and Delhi etc would be fine. If you have any specific questions in terms of your preferences, I can help answer as I am familiar with both cities.

Good luck with the move. Prepare well, after that, no matter what… this too shall pass.