Starting your own company once returned to India

Hi All,

Many of us have worked with top companies in the US (and other countries) and have accumulated years of experience (work and otherwise). Some of us want to start up on their own as well, once back. I’m sure many of you are aspiring entrepreneurs. Perhaps we can huddle together and help each other?

That is, share experiences, thought processes, etc maybe.

Just a thought.

Leaving here a few resources (tactical things mostly) that you need to be aware of when starting your own company in India.

I myself started a small tech-media firm to keep my side projects aligned and accounted for.
Shareing whatever I learned in the process.

  • My company registration was done in about 3-5 weeks by a firm called Vakilsearch (not endorsing)
  • I started the application process while I was in USA (they had it sorted out and wanted some basic documentation)
  • Once I got back, again it took about 2-3 weeks for some additional documentation.
  • Everything was done online.
  • I started a Pvt Ltd company with two directors and 2 employees.
  • Whole deal was effortless. All I had to do was send documents online, sign a few others and wait for it.
  • Perhaps the biggest delay was in finding a name that suited you.
  • There are many agencies like Vakilsearch, Cleartax etc. From what I’ve heard, not anyone is significantly better than other. They all have their issues and advantages.
  • Your local CA could also help with most of this.

Hope that helps.