Tax Planning for returning to India

We are planning to return back to India in 2-3 years and are looking for some help regarding managing funds to optimize for taxes. There is some funds in 401(k) - roth IRA and traditional, in mutual funds thru brokerage accounts, some cash (some more anticipated from property and vehicle sale) and finally company stocks (RSUs and ESPP). The question really for each of these classes of funds is whether to keep them in the US or move them to India at once or gradually in order to minimize tax liability in India and US. I am looking through tax codes in India and US and while I’m confident of grasping the high-level details, I start to lose confidence in my comprehension and ability to develop a strategy for myself as I get into the finer details. Yet, I am not looking to simply hand over my finances to someone all together. I am looking for someone I could consult with probably on an ongoing basis who can give reliable advice.

Same boat as you. I was advised to meet with a tax-pro.
A major detail you missed is US citizenship - that determines the path of the answers.

@Mansi and @am1728 Please share any details if you did meet a tax pro.