Using xoom while living in India

Does anyone have the experience of using xoom to transfer money to their Indian accounts while based in India? I will be moving to India later this month but I will still be employed by a us institution and receive salary in my us checking account for two months after I leave. I am looking for the best option to transfer my salary from my us checking to Indian bank accounts. My employer cannot do direct deposit to overseas accounts so the only option that I manually transfer it. Is western union via bank better or other services like xoom and remitly? Thanks in advance.

Not sure if this will solve your issue, but checkout the service offered by

This is a new one. How is the experience?

So far I have not used it personally, but it was recommended by a friend who owns a startup and pays India team using their service.

I have used western union’s bank to bank transfer to get get money to India, it worked for me.