What household items should I ship from USA to India?

Based on your individual research, can u suggest what household items make send to ship to India in a container?
My thoughts

  1. Good quality Mattress(s)
  2. TV(s)
  3. Home theatre system
  4. Good quality Leather couch
  5. Cookware sets.
  6. Clothing Apparel.

Other Items - but not sure if it makes sense price /operation wise.

  1. Bed Frames, Dining Table
    2, Washer/ Dryer
  2. Office Desks & Chairs
  3. Vacuum cleaners like Roomba…

OK, this is a classic. :smiley: There are two sides when it comes to electronics and TV.
I personally think taking TVs to India is a risk, unless you can get international warranty.
Yes, you can get latest tech in US cheaper, but in India, whether it adheres to format standards/power inputs etc depends on the model. Top brands seems to work fine, but should something go wrong, you’re on your own or have to go for aftermarket parts/service etc.

You can still get the same tech In India, but yea the price may be on the higher side, if you’re going for the 55 inches + models.

Actually, you know what? We need to do a brand by brand, price comparison on the latest models.

Personally, I don’t think any of it is worth shipping. You can get TVs, home theatre systems, couches and cookware sets in India. I only brought my personal items. I bought a few additional clothes and shoes because my size is not easy to find.

Mattresses are most likely nicer in the US, but if you are willing to pay the price, you should be able to find everything you need.

A large part of moving back to India is letting go of attachment to goods available in the USA.

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Everything other than a new tech TV, like the OLED curved ones can be bought in India.

I have heard from one shipping company that tvs bought after July 2020 cannot be shipped… does any has experience with shipping recently bought tvs… is it true you cannot ship tv if bought after July 2020? Mine bought in Nov 2020, so wondering if I can ship it or not, another shipping company said there is no such restriction… not sure which one is true…any insights appreciated

We get everything back here in India but at a higher price. There are so many deals and options available in US totally unlike here. We bought in household stuff in terms of clothes, shoes, bags, there is surely a huge price difference. For Kitchen…personally there are tooo many options available in India catering to every budget and pocket so it made no sense in getting all of that. We did get our Oled TV coz after calculations of selling it there and buying a new one here … we chose to get it and Bose systems, some musical instruments ( guitars and cajon) prices of which out here are over the roof. Quilts, pillows, cushions, bedsets …if you get a good deal they are worth shipping. We were looking at getting in Kohler kitchen sink and or faucets too but you do get options here and cheaper. We also bought Weber Charcoal Grill and some other stuff for garden.
The list can get endless and too personal based on each one’s choices and what you already have and where you plan to shift in India.