What is the minimum income needed in Chennai vs. Delhi?

For a family with 2 kids with most of schooling left, what income is needed for comfortable living? No property. Non-software field - looks like salary might be less than 1 lakh per month (e.g. university faculty). I realize that this is a subjective question, but would like to hear your thoughts and the range. Alternatively, if there are resources on typical monthly expenses that would also help. I’m looking for inputs for life in Chennai and Delhi. Thanks for your insights.


You can use Numbeo to compare the cost of living… From my point of view, chennai will be cheaper in terms of rent and schools fees compared to Delhi. Good luck!


I agree. Chennai is cheaper than Mumbai or Delhi. I would say 1 Lakh + would be safe. But it depends on whether you’re renting or not, lifestyle, expenses etc.

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